DXN makkah Company “Branch address and products prices”

dxn Makkah

Are you curious about  of dxn Makkah and the array of products they offer in Saudi Arabia?

Delve into the world of DXN branch in Makkah to uncover its location and the diverse product range available.

Moreover, explore the product prices in Saudi Arabia from the DXN office, offering premium items at competitive rates.

Additionally, discover exclusive deals where DXN Makkah products are now available at a remarkable 25% discount.

Let's embark on a journey to unveil the charm of DXN Makkah, its offerings, and the exciting discounts awaiting you!

Where is DXN Makkah located?

DXN Makkah Branch: Finding Health and Wellness in Makkah

Are you looking for the DXN branch in Makkah?

Discover DXN's office in Saudi Arabia for premium health products at competitive prices.

Learn about DXN Makkah's location, products, and prices to embark on your journey to wellness.

DXN's presence in Makkah ensures easy access to their range of products for residents and visitors alike.

Whether you seek dietary supplements, personal care items, or household products, DXN in Makkah has you covered.

Explore the DXN Makkah office for high-quality products that promote health and well-being.

Here is the new dxn Mecca address with a site map:

DXN Makkah branch in its new look (new dxn main branch )

Al-Rusaifeh - behind Al-Rahma Clinic - next to Al-Anjal Schools and Al-Tamayoz Car Wash.

Start your wellness journey with DXN in Makkah today!

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What are the products of DXN Saudi Arabia?

Are you curious about the diverse range of products offered by DXN Makkah in Saudi Arabia?

Discover a plethora of high-quality items to elevate your health and well-being.

From premium supplements to enriching skincare solutions, DXN Makkah has something for everyone.

Explore the benefits of their organic coffee, nutritious supplements, and revitalizing skincare products.

Whether you're looking to boost your immunity, enhance your vitality, or pamper your skin, DXN Makkah has you covered.

Immerse yourself in a world of wellness and choose DXN Makkah for all your health needs.

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DXN products prices in Saudi Arabia

Understanding the affordability of DXN products in Saudi Arabia ensures you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness investments.

By exploring the price range of DXN products in Saudi Arabia, you can determine the best options that fit your budget while still meeting your health needs.

Here is now the price list for DXN products in Mecca 2024 (in Saudi riyals) and all of the company’s branches in the Kingdom, showing the types and prices of the products in Saudi riyals (for members and non-members), and the difference between the two prices will be explained in the following lines: 

DXN products prices in Saudi riyals 2024 

DXN Makkah products

DXN Mecca Products at a 25% Discount

Are you looking for DXN Mecca products at a great discount?

From the previous list, you must have noticed that the products have two different prices (member and non-member prices) with a difference ranging between 20% and 25%, and to buy DXN Makkah Company products at discounted prices. All you have to do is choose one of the following methods:

First method:

Get a free global membership by subscribing to the Malaysian DXN company to benefit from the discount on product prices, and this is done through:

  🔸 Visit the address of the new DXN Makkah branch shown above. During subscription registration, you will be asked for a member number previously registered in the company’s system. Show the following number to the branch employee:


Within minutes, you will have your membership number with you and it is valid in all Dixon branches in the world, which will allow you to obtain the products at the discounted price at any time or place.

🔸 Or register for DXN membership online on the official website of the Malaysian company

Register now

How to register for membership to purchase products from Dixon Company

Press here

Second method:

If you do not want to subscribe to Dixon, you can purchase products at reduced prices by showing the following discount code to the employee of the company branch or delivery service by phone or via WhatsApp:

DXN Mecca products at a 25% discount

You can also share the previous number to all relatives, friends and other people who want to benefit from the discount.

Register with DXN Saudi Arabia

Many people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia register and subscribe to DXN for the purpose of obtaining products at a discount price or if they want to obtain income through marketing and selling products.

To register with DXN Saudi Arabia, you must follow the following steps:

1. Visit the official DXN website.

2. Read and accept DXN's terms and conditions.

3. Fill in the required personal information, such as full name, contact information, and address.

4. You may be asked to choose the product package you would like to purchase.

5. You do not need to pay registration fees to complete the registration process.   

6. After completing registration and confirming payment, you will receive your account details and membership information from DXN, via your email.    

We recommend contacting us for further assistance and guidance in the registration process.

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What is the idea of working with DXN International?


In conclusion, DXN Makkah has made its mark with a prominent branch in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. 

The DXN office in Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of products at competitive prices, catering to the needs of its customers.    

By establishing a presence in such a significant location, DXN has shown its commitment to serving the local community and beyond.     

With its quality products and accessible branch, DXN Makkah is set to continue growing and meeting the demands of its ever-expanding customer base.    

Explore DXN's offerings at the branch for a taste of premium products at great value.